By Sophie Jennis

I ran into this girl from my high school who I think was gay and wondered if she knew I liked girls too. I thought she liked me but only because I could think anyone likes me because we can make anything we want about us.

By Brandon Freels

They say Jesus slept with over a million girls. But did he know love? Let’s make a collage. Instead of glue, we can use ectoplasm and feathers. We can nail chicken bones through our palms. Remember, your life is never finished, it’s just abandoned.

By Brian Alan Ellis

My sheets smell like urine
& I can’t tell if the cat did it
or if I drunkenly pissed my bed
in some half-sleep stupor, so
I am going to do
what any self-respecting
garbage person would do, 
which is blame someone
something else.

By Ryan Seagrist

I used to be into heavy metal.  It was the eighties.  My brother and I stayed up late to watch Headbangers Ball Saturday nights.  We never missed an episode.  It was hosted by Adam Curry then Ricky Rachtman.  They played hair metal, but harder stuff too. Napalm Death, Anthrax, Slayer, Over Kill, Cannibal Corpse.  I was only nine years old. 

By Dylan Angell

I am the escaped convict who has been swimming in your pool. I lay naked in the sun while your little dog sleeps under my arm. The deer and the rabbits watch me as I dig into your garden, eating tomatoes from the vine and nibbling on the edge of the lettuce heads.

By Erik Infante

Bug eyes taunt the passenger's dreams, ordinary folk seem pointy and rotten, magenta oil gleaming on their fossils. Tell me a story or take me home, babble on about origins invisible. Conclusions unforseen, engulfed in a mystery of hamburger. Raw and to the point.