2 Poems

By Giulia Bencivenga


I drink wine to go faster.
The caveat: always
Wake up w a mouth.

I’ve grown into saying things
Like, “My inner child is
Very hurt right now.”

I am my own child
And I’m not.

I’ve rushed through the malls
Of myself, tackling
My insatiability.

Hungry for
Unnamable babies.

I’m thankful for all the time I’ve lost
Without having to lose it again.

I’ve sold prowess.

Sex works
When you get paid for being sexy.

It’s not difficult to understand.

Devastation’s Just Fine

i don’t remember how we met
ok fine— it was on the internet
we fucked you
licked my armpit
every digit
was terrified
and sacrificial
now it’s spring again
the lilies are blooming again
there’s a new show on tv
and i’m birthing a lovely baby daughter
from my chest
who has all
of my features
and none of yours

Giulia Bencivenga is the author of S P A C I N G  O U T and has a chapbook forthcoming from Inpatient Press. The former editor of the Bay-Area magazine See You Next Tuesday, she is now guest editor at MISTRESS. She runs the reading series Two Snake in LA with her best friend, Emily.
ig: @g.iu.lia_
twitter: @billyjoebaldwin


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