By Brandon Freels

They say Jesus slept with over a million girls. But did he know love? Let’s make a collage. Instead of glue, we can use ectoplasm and feathers. We can nail chicken bones through our palms. Remember, your life is never finished, it’s just abandoned. My mother used to call me Charlie Brown. In her diary she mentioned me once: I’m worried about Charlie. Don’t ask me what happened. A question might leave a scar. Lucy called just to say hello. Lucy called just to say so what. I went outside for two minutes and a bird shit on me. I slicked back my oily hair. I changed my overalls. Any similarity between fire and the sun is purely coincidental. The Earth doesn't want your bones, it just wants to suck away your meat. 

Brandon has an MS in Writing/Publishing from Portland State University. His poems have appeared in The Bitter Oleander, Exquisite Corpse, Hobart, and other publications. He can be found at brandonfreels.com and @koalacanth.


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