By Ian Collins

I’ve allowed my head a slow twenty-nine years to arrive at this exact point.
I’ve been patient, watching fog roll into the ears and
stagnant ponds develop behind the eyes.

By April Hanna

My cheeks still hurt from smiling
Squinting at the day-star
Balling my hands into fists and
Running across the lawn to
Skin my soul on grass

By Kate Shapiro

I never should have let Ben come home, he promised he would stop drinking and he did for a little bit, and I thought even though I have a restraining order against him, he said he had quit drinking, and he had quit pills, and I wanted to quit pills too, and I thought: it’d be nice to be with him

By Emily Clarke

I went to the ER because I removed my own uterus with fabric scissors and salad tongs. I plucked it out like the scrap of eggshell in the frying pan.

By Thomas Gresham

remember that time I saved your life modern theorists are saying that our mass death will be because of a particle accelerator malfunction that will tear the reality fabric & open a black hole or portal to another dimension

By Michael Chin

In that first dream when I lost Jules, it was to a group of tall men in dark suits at our front door. The shortest of them—who still towered over me—told me I’d need to “hand over the boy.”

By Victoria Wacik

“So, do you need me to go soon?” I ask as I struggle to light my cigarette with your well-used pink lighter. American Spirits, turquoise pack, both of our favorite. It’s after round one, and we’ve assumed our spots in lawn chairs. The sleazy hot tub lurks in the corner of the yard, taunting us.

By Danielle Ferrara

He started groaning in Photo Booth and put his videos on YouTube and soon in spite of his manic depression and schizophrenia (or maybe because of it) he suddenly had a following that separated and came together repeatedly like summer ants on a banana.