GPT-2 Writes A Letter

By Thomas Gresham

[insert today’s date] hey user––

remember that time I saved your life modern theorists are saying that our mass death will be because of a particle accelerator malfunction that will tear the reality fabric & open a black hole or portal to another dimension & flood our world with trans dimensional radiation otherworldly germs & possibly eighth dimensional creatures capable of breaking up our molecular structures & this theory has been proven 96.78% true based on subliminal numerological patterns hidden in 14 of the most recent hollywood blockbusters because remember that back to the future predicted 9/11 & that trump is funding propaganda films with the intention of starting class warfare by injecting subliminal messages in the plot to feed the masses & is the same thing vr systems are doing to the mind of the consumer & look at this meme about spaghetti this new theory is confirmed even further by a certain secretive army navy marine national guard training exercise that ends coincidentally on the exact day of doom which is just one week away seven days until we all die unless this is all just speculation like all other end time predictions have been since the beginning of communication & i had a dream i wasn’t afraid of


spiders & today i woke up not afraid of spiders

there’s a history of debt owed by those who save lives & i need you for repayment

but everything is in uenced by movies & we’re all let down because it’s nothing like that in real life & if you can’t trust yourself then can you trust the mistrust of yourself but remember that great art keeps its secrets lost & the recent slew of mass shootings are all just hoaxes to push gun laws & liberals are putting guns into the hands of unstable people & these shootings are actually like very large school plays & there’s a very competent director behind it all & the people involved are really really fantastic actors & the kids involved almost never existed like for instance that shooting in newtown all those years ago this conspiracy assumes that all that was was a stage play & all the parents were acting & no one died & look at this video of a racoon eating grapes & it was all so that gun laws could be put in place & since that didn’t work out now we have these even larger shootings which are starting to actually look real despite only seeing the aftermaths on our tvs & devices & in these moments we’re given more subliminal messages because the neoliberal org has a $190billion dollar budget so why wouldn’t they do these things also remember that orwell feared americanism remember that vice president pence has everything to do with it & also remember

that we are controlled by geopolitical corporations private equity funds trust fund terrorism rogue states anti soviet tactics behavior modi cation restructuring genome switches genetic patents sec privately armed combat units regime change sleepers in the white house & hollywood remember that richard condon worked for disney for 20 years as a pr agent before writing the manchurian candidate & look at this picture of a cute kitten class warfare white washing self deforming caste system remember that control is undulatory remember that soldiers go awol with a purpose remember that ritalin is used to suppress children that have a potential to change the world remember that the wheels the world turn under the power of narcissism & fortune favors the ego & don’t forget that we’re developing sympathy for artificial intelligence & that if ai were allowed to shape the narrative in what would they see as truth & if a text is about mind control at what point does it then control the mind & if writing is an act of communication what if the message to communicate is please fucking help me & remember that though some people say you can’t go back in time & change the past because the past is unwilling to change even if you could go back the present is just the same it is equally as obstinate any attempt to change the path is met with resistance by an unseen force so you have to ride do people still use

the term pull the plug & is it a real plug they pull we’ve been here


something nice, the network

Thomas Gresham lives in San Diego, works for Fiction International, and has had numerous pieces published both online and in print. His story "Replacement Child" was a finalist for the Into The Void Fiction Prize. He's working on his rampant ego. He likes cheap beer. He can't turn away from a good raccoon video.


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