By Lanny Durbin

I forgot to pick my mom up after she had her hysterectomy

Was supposed to be there at three, didn’t show up till five

Really, I should’ve been there all day anyway, it being my mom and all

But I wasn’t

I forgot to give my dog her pills twice a day for a week like the vet said

So she kept on barfing on the carpet and I got mad at her

But it was my fault and then the vet got mad at me

I forgot mine and Angela’s anniversary again

I know it’s in March or maybe May

I’ve made notes to myself about it, too

In my iPhone, on my calendar, but I can’t really trust myself with information like this

So maybe it’s in April?

I forgot that David’s sensitive about a lot of things and sent him a meme about a dead guy

It reminded him of his cousin that died recently

Man, I forgot about that, sorry, Dave

His having a dead relative reminded me of my grandpa

He died twenty years ago

I can’t remember what he sounded like anymore

Wouldn’t remember what he looked like either, if not for the one picture I have

Can’t remember what things used to feel like, you know?

But I can still remember Sub-Zero’s fatality in Mortal Kombat for the Sega

Stand close and then forward, down, forward, high punch

Sub-Zero rips his opponent’s head off of their body

Their spine dangles from the neck, blood drips

He holds their head up high and he seems very proud of himself

Like ripping heads from bodies and letting the spines dangle brings him so much joy

Lanny Durbin lives in Springfield, Illinois, plays in a few bands, and drives a Buick. His work has appeared in Hobart Pulp, Maudlin House, X-R-A-Y Lit, among others. He can be found on Twitter @LannyDurbin

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