2 Poems

By Lindsey Warren

From a realm of zeroes

From a realm of zeroes:
this dare of blue.

Violet (straining through a
distance called
world) star, wake from your
concussion of halo, be
burn, drown

It is the end of
one time and I
have learned nothing.  Except
that a beebrown iris flexes
to locate
degrees of light-

change in it, to squirrel
away its maranatha.  Clouds dig
for vegetables,
wear them as
bodies, the place where I
rib around pulp
splinters, not one thing wants
to go back unsinged
to its
ghost, amen.

star, last
star, could
you.  Would you.  And you do.
Leave me here to digest the rind
of no-
moon in compost dawn, dirt smeared
on my lips, this
planet a
necropolis humming.


-break.  Nothing more obscured.  No more
tessellations of otherlife.
Shade-selves I
buried resurrect
as brightnesses that
elevate the vault, the eye
of the interior.

Where to stand
without refuge
of shadow.

Where I stand
for myself
in the place of absolution.

2 Poems

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