By Marianna Nash

They turn her into Jean Seberg so many years later, but in fact, she has always been the King of the Hermit Crabs. See those ships? Those are her ships. She uses them to go crabbing along the eastern shore. But we don’t care about your crabbing business, they protest.

By Clyde Liffey

Everyone in our department fears the ugly man. Smart, humorless, he rose to his position, a way station we’ve been told, not so much by politicking but by a kind of relentless intelligence and impatience that meshed somehow with our founders’ culture.

By Ron Burch

Florida Man is always shirtless, occasionally in torn jeans, either long or short, but if short, too short, and if flip flops, broken. Sometimes he wears only a black thong.

By Bill Vernon

Phil Shroud runs blindly down the alley, then stops, looks around, and realizes that he's passing through remnants of his youth. 

By Daniela Villegas

The world did not end with a bang.

It did not end in fire. It did not end in ice.

If I had to describe it, I would have to say it ended one person at a time.