If not the Sun, then the Clouds & you’re too young to be this empty girl

By Alexis Bates & tom reed

If not the Sun, then the Clouds

How do you compromise with
the sun as it filters even hotter
through a window? I try the

Eight suns swallowed whole:
my adderall-choking past
applauds my medication

The stars burn my empty,
tasting of ire and lonesome.
And more laughter from over

I pray for the next
girl-show booked in his
calendar. Summon my
turn again.

A sun compromise,
burning through starry
eyes, turn tired dreams
to ghosts.

I’ve called and hoped and
screamed in the most polite of
ways - I try the clouds.

you’re too young to be this empty girl

After “Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too” 

I am all modern with my
lust. All cosmopolitan lovely
- We share this bed in
practicality alone. 

alone (there’s a new body

[ another metro rider looks
longingly ] 

There is static in the excess
chatter when I’m just
needing more 

mouth seduction, more
compliments to my lust

(there’s a new body

[ he held his tongue like
that ]


Less ache.

more heart,
(some sort of hello
& I call out) 

My fitbit warns me
of prolonged
elevation of heart!

tom has self-published three works: writing night book (a poetry anthology), the skeleton girl: a collection (poetry and short stories) and across vast horizons (another poetry anthology). he has various other things strewn about the world, but most of his work can be found at amarthis.com.

Alexis Bates is an experimental creative with a fondness for words. You can read her work in Luna Luna Magazine, Five:2:One, Vagabond City Lit, and elsewhere. 

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