The Roadkill

By Gwil James Thomas

A pickup speeds past,
leaving a trail of dust
to twist in the wind
as I wander on beneath
the harsh Andalusian sun –
miles from anywhere.

Several yards ahead
I come across
a splattered snake –
its drying guts
are smeared across the road,
having been dissected
by two bloody tyre marks –
the snake’s mouth
still open,
as if longing for
an answer.

Staring at the tragedy of
mankind’s latest victim –
I notice a toad hop out
from hiding,
a couple of feet from
the dead snake’s head,
with a huge grin
on his face –
reminding myself
that there’s two sides
to every story
and that soon it’ll be dark
and I too
will need to find
somewhere new to hide.

Gwil James Thomas is a novelist, poet and inept musician from Bristol, England. He has upcoming fiction in Low Light Magazine # 2 and poetry 3 Poets Volume 1 (East London Press). He currently lives in San Sebastián, Northern Spain.

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