This is how I do Death & Man

By Donna Dallas

This is how I do Death
slip into something sexy
open a chardonnay
enjoy small talk
smile and flutter my lashes
seduce it
roll over
catnap with it
have morning coffee
and throw it the fuck out
I don’t do
unless I want
unless I desire
that dark wave of glorious hair
creeps along my spine when it wants to bed me
again and again
fight it
fuck it
because sometimes it’s in me sitting
in a place I can’t get to in my body
hiding under a bone or a lung
tries to trick me
but I am way past
trickery and seduction
I will not succumb
until the Holy Mother herself is upon me
and we entwine
in a death throw
only then will I
peace out

All you want
is momma’s
lap, soft breasts,
good cooked
meals when
you are hungry
and a slut in
the bedroom who
is not too
attractive because
you may lose
some sleep
if she’s really
your girl and
not screwing all
your friends.

Donna studied Creative Writing and Philosophy at NYU’s Gallatin School and was lucky enough to study under William Packard, founder and editor of the New York Quarterly. She recently found or forthcoming in 34th Parallel, Sick Lit Magazine, Quail Bell Magazine, Beautiful Losers, Chiron Review, Red Fez and Bewildering Stories among many other publications.

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