#freecolv & Neon American Pain

By Austin Islam


i can say ‘golpes duros’ in the bathroom mirror

but we will never ever get our bitch back

felt i had to cut cancer like classes

and still do to this day

lotta road work ahead

little markers measure growth

aiming to be in denver again without crutches

no stamp bags, no rat packs, no ceilings

real hustlers get sleep

don’t take too many naps

i can always dig for more soul

freshen up at adidas’ flagship

stop to collaborate with real ones & listen

like how a friend’ll do

i’m still like eighth grade impressed

the way janet fitch wrote sadness

tasted like pennies

back in the old neighborhood

searching the present along josey lane

probably find it crossing beltline

so hungry like i was just born

according to time or that dsm iv

eyes crossed ‘cause it ain’t the future yet

no god’s plan no mastery

if we play the anthem loud enough

he might can hear it out there

where he ends up i hope is heaven

started from the bottom now

huddled up with all my new friends

rachel calls to catch me up on things

i hadn’t known i would miss

she’s been so good about telling me

where i can start is being grateful

by way of yoga and breakfast

remembering to write more honest emails

saying little wisdoms to myself

keep your drafts close and your

sent ones closer

Neon American Pain

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