Gone Now

By Gwil James Thomas

Like my dream of owning

a seafood restaurant -

so that I could write full time,

occasionally turning up

to sample crabs

in garlic sauce, before

tipping the dishwasher

and sitting back as the business

haemorrhaged money with any

outstanding debts to god only

knows who having been

long since paid off.

Gone now like the sound of

your voice and the thought that

you’re waiting for me somewhere -

that I’ll run my hand through

your fine golden hair again -

feel your soft fingers against

my skin as we embrace

one another -

before we fall asleep and

I’ll spend the following day

at work thinking no other girl

but you -

telling myself that you’re thinking

of me too and that I’m enough for you.

Gone now like those younger days

sat on the bus to school listening

to Eazy-E and ODB fantasising

about one day releasing

a hip hop album -

certain that I could pull it off.

It’s all gone now like a ribbon lost

in the wind never to return again

and with a deep sigh

I shake my head and smile

thinking -

thank fuck that’s all gone now.

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